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Do You Have Diastema – Gaps Between Teeth

Do You Have Diastema – Gaps Between Teeth?

Around 20% of the population are affected by Diastema1 – a space or gap between teeth. Gaps can occur between any two teeth but most commonly appear between the two upper front teeth.


When is a Gap an Attractive Gap?


Sometimes slight physical imperfections that would look unattractive in one person’s smile may actually appear extremely attractive in another person’s smile.

Spaces or gaps that appear between teeth (also called ‘diastema’) can either add to or subtract from the look of a person’s smile. A good looking tooth gap will blend in with all the other features that contribute to the smiles overall appearance.

The team at Dental on York understand every face is unique and every smile is different. Dr George Lee from Dental on York commented “there are many factors that work together to form a perfect smile. It is a combination of many attributes, not the contribution of one overall feature that will make a smile perfect. I have had a few patients seeking cosmetic dental work, request that they keep their tooth gap and that we work around their diastema.”



Elle Magazine recently ran an article titled Why I don’t mind the gap (between my front teeth) and observed that “smile gaps” are becoming “trendy” thanks to smiles with tooth gaps receiving popular traction on social media – “In a sea of so many people who look the same, gapped teeth is a way to stand out as an individual.”

YouTube features a three hour documentary about women with gap teeth with over 300,000 views:


In season 13 of the USA Bachelorette, bachelorette Rachel and contestant Peter bond over their gap teeth on a romantic date.

Having gap teeth has evolved from a flaw that needed to be fixed, to a feature that was merely tolerated, to something that is to be desired.

Managing director of House Casting at Milk, Mr. Chadrian McKnight said having a gap between your front teeth “makes you unique, it makes you stand out”. McKnight says that to stand out models “have to be beautiful, but with a unique smile, that elevates them to the next level.”

Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson’s gap between her teeth went viral when she demonstrated her ability to fit random things in the gap.

Fans were shocked earlier this year when the famous gap tooth actress appeared gap-free causing multiple social media platforms to light up in outrage and sadness over the actress’s decision to close her iconic tooth gap.


The actress was quick to respond to angry fans in a Jimmy Fallen interview

Where Do You Stand in the Great Gap Debate?


Closing the Gap

Gap teeth are not always attractive. The beauty found in the imperfection of gap teeth requires many structural and aesthetic elements of the mouth and face to truly work.

If you are more interested in having a classic look, and would like to fall into the more conventional category of beauty then you may want to consider having the spaces between your teeth removed.

Doctor Santosh Bassi from Dental on York says “Most patient’s desire evenly spaced and shaped teeth and will wish to have the spaces in between their teeth closed.”

There are many different options for closing gaps. At Dental on York, Dr George Lee, Dr Andrew Lee and Dr Santosh Bassi will diagnose the cause of the tooth gap, examine the severity of the gaps for each patient and create a unique Cosmetic Dentistry plan, tailor made for each individual.


Get A Free Dental Gap Consultation at Dental on York – Call 02 89294 5486


Main Causes of Tooth Gaps

Gaps between teeth are caused by many things, including:

  • A mismatch between the size of the jaw bones and the size of the teeth.
  • Missing or undersized teeth.
  • An oversized labial frenum (the piece of tissue that normally extends from the inside of your upper lip to the gum just above your two upper front teeth).
  • The habit of thumb sucking.
  • An incorrect swallowing reflex known as tongue thrust which is when the tongue presses against the front teeth when swallowing.
  • Periodontal (gum) disease.


When your teeth are smaller than normal you will have excess jaw space, causing unattractive spaces between the teeth.



Bad Habits – Thumb Sucking Causes Tooth Gaps

Oversized Labial Frenum

The labial frenum is the piece of skin tissue that runs from your upper lip to your gums. If this piece of tissue grows continuously, it can pass through the two front teeth, causing a large gap between your teeth.



Gaps Caused by Tongue Thrusting

Watch this video on how the habit of Tongue thrusting can cause unwanted gaps between your teeth.

Different Ways To Close Gaps Between Teeth

While some gaps are considered unconventionally beautiful, or perhaps so small they are barely noticeable, other gaps are larger and considered a cosmetic issue that can seriously impact social interactions and self-esteem.

If you don’t like the way the gap looks, there are ways to close it or reduce its size.

Braces are a well known treatment for diastema. Braces have brackets and wires that place pressure on the teeth causing them to gradually move together – effectively closing the gap. Invisible or removable braces are available and may also fix some cases of diastema.

Many adults do not wish to have braces but luckily there are many other cosmetic procedures that Dentists can do to fill gaps between your teeth – book a free consultation with Dental on York we are qualified cosmetic dentists, to see what is an ideal treatment for you.

Veneers or bonding for example, are other options that may be suitable for your needs. These procedures use a tooth-coloured composite to fill gaps or fit over teeth, effectively improving the appearance of your smile. Dental bridges may be another option you could discuss with us – it is another method used to replace a missing tooth or correct a gap.

If your tooth gap is really gummy and the gap between your teeth are caused by overextended gums above your two upper front teeth being overextend, laser surgery to remove excess tissue can correct the gap.

If your gap is caused by gum disease it is really important to remember that you must receive treatment to stop the infection before you seek treatment to close a gap.

Talk to Your Dentist

There is a positive outlook for those who seek treatment for a diastema. Talking to experts such as the Dental Practitioners from Dental on York is often the first step in making an informed decision on closing any gaps that you may have between your teeth.

Call 02 8294 5486 to book your free “Closing the Gap Consultation”

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